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Looking for a fun, easy and safe way to share your opinions and get rewarded for living your life? Download the LifePoints app today!

Welcome to LifePoints

As a consumer, every day you make decisions, form opinions and generate data that marketers and researchers are eager to know. By commuting to work, shopping at your favorite story or seeing a movie, you are creating data points. And now, you can share those data points and get rewarded!

Each decision, opinion and piece of feedback that you share with us paints a picture of who you are and can be used to generate insights. These valuable insights are used to deliver better products, advertisements and services for consumers. Until now, there hasn’t been a good way for you to earn rewards for sharing all this data.

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You’ve Got a Rewarding Point of View

LifePoints is a community where you are rewarded for sharing your opinions, your data and your time. You earn LifePoints for taking tons of fun surveys, giving feedback on different products or ads, and for sharing information with us. We protect all that data and make sure it’s only used in a privacy compliant way and for research purposes only. Want to learn more? Read our Privacy Policy.

We’re different than many other apps where you only get paid for taking surveys. LifePoints rewards you for sharing your opinions, time and data with us. Research can be more than simple surveys. LifePoints allows you to get paid for living your life.

How It Works

1. Download our app to join the LifePoints community.
2. Share your opinion, your time, and your data. Answers surveys or take our daily challenges.
3. Earn rewards for living your life. Ready to earn on the go? Earning opportunities are available as you go about your daily life commuting, shopping, dining, and visiting other locations.
4. Get rewarded. What can you earn? It's your choice! Members earn LifePoints, which can be redeemed as gift cards, e-certificates or money.

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