Ways to Earn

As a consumer, every day you make decisions, form opinions, and generate data that marketers and researchers want to know. We believe you should be rewarded for it! LifePoints is different than many other apps where you just get paid for surveys. It’s not just surveys, because your time and data is valuable too. See more below:

LifePoints: LifePoints are rewards for activities you complete in this App. LifePoints can be exchanged via PayPal or gift cards with great brands like AT&T, Verizon, iTunes, Amazon, Starbucks and others.

Earning Potential: Your earning potential expresses how likely you are to get the maximum earnings from our app. The higher your percentage, the greater your earning potential. LifePoints believes life is valuable and you should be earning rewards just for living it!

Booster: The Booster is your shortcut to ensuring you’re maximizing your earning potential. Each time you’re offered a Boost, it’s a way to increase your earning potential. Some activities award both LifePoints and Boosters. You should take advantage of every Booster we offer.

Your Profile: Help us help you! To know if you qualify for different earning opportunities, we’ll need to ask you a few questions about yourself. Answering will help us match you with relevant surveys and unlock other earning opportunities. You’ll also get LifePoints and a Booster- what’s not to love!?

Surveys: Taking surveys is your most promising way of getting a steady flow of LifePoints. Give us your opinion, we’ll give you LifePoints! Paid surveys are part of the market research process and your opinion will provide valuable insights for shaping issues and products you see in your daily life. We offer only short, engaging surveys, right on your phone. We’ll send you notifications when new surveys are available.

Earn on the Go: Earn on the Go is a survey activity that is triggered by your location. It is exclusive to members who turn on Geo-Location services, hence our request that you do so!  We reward you with 50 LifePoints for turning on and 20 LifePoints for every subsequent month you keep it turned on. You also get a 20% Booster! Don’t worry, it won’t drain your battery, and you can always turn it off. It allows us to invite you to earning opportunities based on your location in time. By going about your daily life, you earn points for taking LifePoints along.

Daily Challenge: Complete our Daily Challenges to earn more rewards. This very short daily survey offers you a recurring monthly Booster and at the same time helps us to match you with high-earning surveys.  Boost your earnings by answering 30 questions in 30 days! Every time you complete a daily challenge, you get one step closer to Boosting your earning potential.

Hit or Miss: Have an eye to spot trends? We know you do! Our Hit or Miss feature is a fun, visual quiz delivered daily. No LifePoints are earned but tell us whether you think something is a “Hit” or a “Miss” and we’ll share whether others agree with you.

Personality Profiler: Your unique personality is what makes you stand out in life! Unlocking dimensions of your personality is one way LifePoints rewards you for sharing time, opinions and data. Every fifth survey you complete, you get a fun personality test to unlock a dimension of your personality. Think the information is interesting? Share with your friends via Facebook!

Sweepstakes: LifePoints is all about rewarding you for living your life. Beyond earning rewards for surveys, each time you don’t qualify for a survey we enter you into our Sweepstakes quarterly drawing. Just because you don’t meet the exact description of who we’re looking for in a survey doesn’t mean your time isn’t worth being rewarded! Prizes are paid in LifePoints which can be redeemed for PayPal or Gift Cards. We draw 103 lucky winners each quarter so chances are high it could be you!


Continue on to download LifePoints to begin being rewarded for living your life! If you want to learn more about our rewards options, after signup, please navigate to the Rewards Center within the LifePoints mobile app. Or visit our website at www.lifepointsapp.com. Thanks!